The Group was formed in 1988 by the late Dr Hugh Carling MBE, a local practising G.P.


The mission of the group is to rehabilitate heart patients through the transition from illness to a state of health as near to normal as possible. This is achieved by enabling, encouraging and assisting.


The Programme

A Exercising – an exercise programme at 24/7 Fitness Centre to fit your capabilities, assessment by qualified trainer and Dr Vin Patel, our own group Medical Adviser.


B Education – a monthly meeting features guest speakers, mostly medical, but the occasional light entertainer or adventurer are included. The medical talks are an important part of rehabilitation as is the opportunity at these meetings to meet people and share experiences, or ask questions in a friendly and mutually supportive environment.


C Walking – a gentle meander through the countryside, professionally organised, provide an opportunity for discussion and psychological adjustment.


D Social Activities – throughout the year there are various events, including, skittles (2), Coach Trips

and Christmas Lunch. 


FOR FURTHER INFORMATION RING Group Secretary – 01329 310187




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